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Darvish Khan [Gholam Hosein] (1251-1305/9/2 Wed) (1872-1926 m)

Darvish Khan [Gholam Hussein] (1872-1926)
He was born in Tehran. He was one of Masters of Iranian Music at century. He went to Europe for recorded Disc with other Musicians. He playing Tar and Setar. His teachers were his father and Agha Hussein Gholi Farahani. He was member of Aziz Soltan music group at infancy. Afterwards he went to Darolfonoun Music School. He takes First-class Medal from France Government for his works and concerts for beggaries. He executive concert in Grand Hotel with Aref Ghazvini, Hadji Khan Zarbgir, Ebrahim Mansouri, and Reza Mahjoubi. He gone to London for recorded Disc with Habibollah Shahrdar, Hussein Taher Zadeh, Bagher Khan Rameshgar, Asadollah Khan, and Akbar Flout for three month. Second, he gone to "Teflis" with Bagher Khan, Hussein Taher Zadeh, Eghbal Azar, and Abdollah Davami for one year. His Method was past Iranian Music in Instrumental Music but his work was very more active. He was a Grand Compositor in Iranian Music and Grand Player. He was recorded many Disc with Tar and Vocal. He adds one String for Tar. He was invented Pish Daramad (overture) form in Iranian Music. He gave Tabarzin (Medal) to his best students. His students: Hussein Ali Ghafari, Saeid Hormozi, Hussein Sanjari, Shokri, Mohammad Ali Safaei, Abdollah Dadvar, Mousa Maroufi, Morteza Ney Davoud, Abol Hassan Saba, Arsalan Dargahi and Akbar Khan Norouzi. Arshad Tahmasbi in Darvish Khan Peace publishes his works.

Davami [Abdollah] (1270-1359/10/20 s) (1899-1980 m)

Davami [Abdollah] (1899-1980)
He was born in Tafresh in Markazi County. He teaches Radif and sings many songs of Iranian Classical Music. His teachers: Ali Khan Nayeb Saltaneh (Ali Khan Hanjareh Darideh!), Einodoleh (Tunbak), Hussein Gholi Farahani, Mirza Abdollah Farahani, Hussein Khan (Radif), Darvish Khan, Malek Zakerin and Sama Hozour. At, 1334 (1955) he gone to radio, television, and member of Iranian Music Institute. His students: Mahmoud Karimi, Faramarz Payvar, Hussein Alizadeh, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Daryoush Talaei, Fatemeh Vaezi (Parisa), Fakhereh Saba, Parviz Meshkatian, Madjid Kiani, Mohammad Heydari and…. He was works in Post Office for seven years. davami gone to "Teflis" with Darvish Khan for recording Disc. He had Vocal Radif for Iranian Music.
He records his Radif with Mohammad Reza Lotfi.. Faramarz Payvar in Davami Radif publishes his Radif and his songs.

Dargahi [Amir Arsalan Khan] (1902-1973)
He played Setar also he was studied Tar here Darvish Khan. His teachers: Darvish Khan and Morteza Ney Davoud. He cooperated with Zelli, Tadj Esfahani and Ghamar Molouk Vaziri [all of them vocalist]. He was playing often one peace from Darvish Khan in his concerts. He was playing with Crust Setar [this is special instrument (Looking Instrument part)]. He recorded many Disc with Ghamar and Tadj at 1307 (1928). He performance many song from Amir Jahed with Tar.

Damavandi [jenab] (?)
He lived at Mozafaredin Shah circulation. He was vocalist. His teacher was Jafar Lahiji. He recorded one disc with Agha Hussein Gholi Farahani {Tar]. In addition, he recorded one Disc with Agha Ali Akbar Farahani [Tar]. He recorded one Disc with Ali Akbar Shahnazi [Shahnazi was 14 years old]. His other works: G-C.14-12685.

Dehlavi [Hussein] (1927)
He was born in Tehran. His father was Moezodin Emami. His teachers: Abol Hassan Saba, Hussein Nasehi, Himont Tiber [Austrian], Christian David, [The Vienna Academy Master in Tehran Music University]. He studied Composition in Tehran Music Conservatoire. After Abol Hassan Saba, he was Conductor of Saba's Orchestra. Hussein Dehlavi was Boss of Tehran Music Conservatory [1341~1350 (1962~ 1971)]. He Composed many song for Iranian Music.
Moreover he recorded many cassette and performances many Concerts. Dehlavi have one Iranian Instruments Orchestra. Hussein Dehlavi is publish many books and writes Method for Rhythm. He writes one book for Music and Poet.

Darvishi [Mohammad Reza] (1334- sh) (1955- m)

Darvishi [Mohammad Reza] (1955)
He was born in Shiraz in Fars County in Center of Iran. He was studied Music in his town and at 1353 (1974) he was gone to Tehran Music University. He begin compose at 1355 (1976) and at 1357 (1978) he finished his University’s. He constitution “Chang” Institute with other Musicians at 1359 (1980). His works are: Chagouri Avaz (Chagouri Songs), Hayat (“Live” for 30’th String Instruments), Music for Child, Some Peaces for Piano, “Harbi Reng’s” Variation for Symphonic Orchestra, Arrangement for Mazandaran’s Folk Music for Orchestra and Solo Singer, “Zemestan” with
Shahram Nazeri and Parviz Meshkatian for Orchestra and Singer and. He publishes many Book for Iranian Folk Music and he is Compose many Music for Film. He teaches Folk Music in Jahad Daneshgahi Music University at 1376 ~ 1977 (1997~ 1998).

Darougheh [Kamran] (1942)
He was born in Tehran. He is Kamancheh player. He was gone to Tehran Music school but he studied Music that for one year. His teacher: Asadollah Malek. He gone to Tehran Music University and studied Music here Daryoush Safvat and Nour Ali Broumand. He was member of “Golha” group. Kamran records many songs in Cassette and performances many Concerts.

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