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Bagher Khan Kamancheh [Rameshgar] (? -1255 sh) (? -1875 m)

Bagher Khan Kamancheh [Rameshgar] (? -1875 Esfahan )

He played Kamancheh and Tar. His teachers: Mousa Kashi and Mirza Hussein Gholi Farahani. His Kamancheh had six strings. Bagher Khan went to Europe for Gramophone Disc recording. He went to Paris with Hussein Gholi Farahani. Disc no: 16010, 16011, London and Teflis with Darvish Khan.

Bahari [Ali Asghar] (1284-1374 sh) (1905-1995 m)

Bahari [Ali Asghar] (1905-1995)

He was Kamancheh player and Iranian Classical Music Master. He studied Iranian Music in Tehran University and Iranian Music Institute. His teachers:Mir Ali khan (his grand father) Reza Khan, Akbar Khan, Hassan Khan (his uncle), Roknodin Khan, Reza Mahjoubi (Violin). He went to France for recording Gramophone disc in Radio France at 1346 (1966 m), and in radio Iran at 1332 (1952 m). His students: Ali Akbar Shekarchi, Davoud Ganjei, Hadi Montazeri, and Mohammad Moghadasi. He used Kamancheh at 1332 (1952 m) for again after many years in Iranian Music. He Composed many pieces for Kamancheh.

Badiei [Habibollah] (1312-1371 sh) (1933-1993 m)

Badiei [Habibollah] (1933-1993 Savad Koh - Mazandaran)

He was Compositor and Violin player. Badiei studies geology in Tehran University. His teachers: Lotfollah Mofakham Payan (3 years), Saba (2 years, 1946), Chingouzian (1 year, 1952). He went to Radio Iran at 1951, however he was Violin soloist in Army Music group. Badiei at 1952 played Violin for Music group in Radio. He conducted no.6 Radio Music Orchestra at 1956, no.4, Barbad, and Nakisa Music Orchestra. He was Boss of Music Radio Iran at 1967.

Banan [Golam Hosein] (1290-1364/12/8 sh) (1911-1986 m)

Banan [Gholam Hussein] (1911-1986 Tehran)

He was Singer and Piano player. His teachers: his mother and his father, Morteza Ney Davoud, Abol Hassan Saba, Morteza† Mahjoubi, Ali Naghi Vaziri, Ahmad Ebadi andÖ. His students: Ahmad Ebrahimi, Biabani, Kaveh Deylami andÖ.He went to Radio at 1940 and 1943 he was sing Ey _ Iran (Rouhollah Khaleghi). Banan's works is 350 Iranian Music Pieces.

Broumand [Nour Ali] (1285-1355 sh) (1906-1976 m)

Boroumand [Nour Ali] (1906-1976 Tehran)

His instruments: Tar, Setar, Santour, and Tumbak. Boroumand was Iranian Classical Music's master in Tehran University. He studied Music in Darvish Khan's school, and Habib Samaei. His students: Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Hussein Alizadeh, Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Daryoush Talaei, Madjid Kiani andÖ. Boroumand recorded Iranian Classical Music (Radif) in Cassette. He studied Radif from Esmaeil†Ghahremani.

Bigje Khani [Gholam Hosein] (1297-1366 sh) (1918-1987 m)

Bigje Khani [Gholam Hussein] (1918-1987 Tabriz)

and was His teachers: His Father (Agha Hussein Gholi Bigje Khani)† played Tar, Eghbal Azar (Singer). He was boss of number one Tabriz radio orchestra for 25 years. He was Iranian Music Institute membership. He recorded many cassette with Mahmoud Farnam (Dayereh player) and Eghbal Azar.

Barkeshli [Mehdi] (1291-1366 sh) (1912-1987 m)

Barkeshli [Mehdi] (1912-1987)

He was Physiologist, Musicologue, and Acoustic teacher in Tehran University. He studied Physic in France and he had Physic PHD. He was boss of Music Conservatoire at 1960. Barkeshli was Boss of Iranian National Music Committee. He published many book and Articles for Acoustic and Iranian Music.

Bina [Sima]
Bina [Sima]
Binesh (Taghi) (1300-1375 sh) (1921-1996 m)

Binesh (Taghi) (1921-1996 Mashad)

He was journalist, Music Historian, and Tehran Music University Master. His teacher: Ali Akbar Shahnazi. He published many articles and book for music history and Khorasan Magazine.

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